Ghost Roads Cover By Monika Younger

Ghost Roads has a new cover. As some of you may know, the past few months I’ve been working with Monika Younger at on book covers. She created the cover for the newest book, Sunshine On My Shoulders, and when I saw her work, I knew I wanted to redo all the covers. So here is the final redo. Now I wish I wrote books faster in order to have more for Monika to design.

For Ghost Roads, she took all the elements that had existed in the first cover, that I knew I wanted to keep. The old forest service road, the woods, the fire, and the bones. But the new version has more of a sense of mystery, and I love the colors she used. I was also happy with how the bones aren’t the first thing you see, and are subtle enough that it’s like the bones are a mystery within the mystery. See if you can find them.

She also moved the fire to the forefront instead of having it in the background in the trees. While I liked the fire in the background, this is better. I would never have thought of moving the fire to the front, but the change makes the flames more of a barrier for the woman in the silhouette. And in the story, the fire is a barrier in many ways.

So if you have book covers you need help with, I strongly recommend Monika Younger. Not only does she have an amazing artistic sense, she also works with you to learn the symbolism of the story, the theme of the book, and the elements that are important to the author.

Ghost Road’s new cover

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