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‘This Deep Panic’ and Earthquakes

This Deep Panic is now available in both e-reader and paperback formats. The Pacific Northwest is long overdue for a catastrophic earthquake. When it happens, will you be prepared? This book took me three years to write. Granted, I am a slow writer, but this one was a challenge because I’ve never written anything with […]

‘This Deep Panic’ – New Release Coming Soon

This Deep Panic will be released soon. A stand-alone novel set in the Pacific Northwest, it combines myth and reality when a catastrophic earthquake releases age-old creatures that haven’t fed in generations. This book may not be suitable for children under age fourteen because of scary themes and some language. “There are monsters of the imagination and monsters […]

‘Sunshine On My Shoulders’ Is Here

Sunshine On My Shoulders has just gone live on Amazon. There are still some publishing steps to take for other mediums, but as of today the book is available in print and e-book versions. Obviously I’m excited, but there’s also the trepidation and nervousness about tossing your creative child out to the world. And of […]

WordPress’s ‘Discover’ Feature

WordPress editor Cheri Lucas Rowlands graciously chose one of my blog posts, ‘Life Through Stories’ for WordPress’s ‘Discover’ Feature. I replied in a very professional manner, thanking her. And then a few minutes later had to send her a P.S. because I worried she might hear excited squealing in the wind and wonder what was […]


Rain is part of the Pacific Northwest. Have you ever gone for a walk in the weather? Tried to work outside in a downpour? Ever thought about the mysterious stories waiting on those mountaintops hidden in charcoal gray clouds? When you can’t see anything, sometimes you can believe in everything. Who could look at those […]

Characters as Friends

Are characters your friends? How important is it that you relate to the character in a book? And what makes you relate to that character? These questions led to a debate between myself and author Susan Schreyer about character development. If you click on the blog post tab above you’ll be able to read more. […]

Back to School

Since fall is in the air and kids are going back to school, I figured I might as well, too. I’ve recently signed up for a course called ‘Writers Writing Fiction 2016: Storied Women’. There’s more information about this on my Storyriver blog, with the tab to access at the top of this homepage. There’s […]

Spaces to Create

We all need spaces to create, whether it’s for writing, or just as a place to relax after a long day. If you click on the blog tab above, you’ll read more about my space and why it’s a grounding spot for writing. Feel free to comment on the blog about the spaces that ground […]

Digressions From Writing

Once in a while it’s nice to digress from writing and the struggle to find something original to blog about. Please take a moment to click on the Story River tab above, and read my most recent digression. As a teaser, it’s about a woman screaming in the dark. Sort of.

The Art of Storytelling

Not too long ago I edited a children’s story called Tallulah’s Flying Adventure, written by Gloria Two-Feathers. I was impressed enough that I asked if I could interview her. I have no doubt that this story will be published and will be the beginning of great things for this author. She says below that she […]