WordPress’s ‘Discover’ Feature

WordPress editor Cheri Lucas Rowlands graciously chose one of my blog posts, ‘Life Through Stories’ for WordPress’s ‘Discover’ Feature. I replied in a very professional manner, thanking her. And then a few minutes later had to send her a P.S. because I worried she might hear excited squealing in the wind and wonder what was going on. It’s my hope that the ‘Discover’ feature will help me meet new people. When the blog was chosen for a ‘Freshly Pressed’ feature, it amazed me how many new blogs I found to follow. Not to mention how many wonderful people I met.

I remember back in the 1970s what fun it was to have pen-pals. We’d send letters off to other kids, typically from lists provided by our teachers, and then wait weeks for letters to come back. The thrill of airmail! Knowing someone had sent you a letter from a foreign country. These days the internet acts just like those old pen-pal days, only with instant gratification.

So the next few weeks will hopefully be a lot of fun. And on top of all that, I get to post this badge on the blog. Feels like winning a huge gold star.

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