‘This Deep Panic’ and Earthquakes

This Deep Panic is now available in both e-reader and paperback formats. The Pacific Northwest is long overdue for a catastrophic earthquake. When it happens, will you be prepared?

This book took me three years to write. Granted, I am a slow writer, but this one was a challenge because I’ve never written anything with multiple perspectives. I’ve also never written anything scary. But the story kept nagging me so I decided to give it a try. And it was hard work. I normally write to music, but there were some scenes when I scared myself so badly I had to shut the music off so I could hear the creaking of the old floorboards and make sure the dog was beside me.

After several false starts, I ended up writing multiple individual stories and then during the edit process, tying them together into a cohesive unit. That presented its own set of problems and made the revision process longer than normal.

But if you love the mountains and the forests, and maybe like to be a little scared out there in the woods, I hope you will give this story a try.