Lisa Stowe provides confidential, honest, and constructive editing services for fiction and non-fiction.

Editing is successful when a partnership is created.  When the editor assists the writer without inserting their ‘voice’ into the writer’s creation, and when the final edit leaves the writer enthusiastic and excited to jump into the work of revising.

Line editing is typically done when a manuscript or piece of writing is complete, polished, and almost ready to be released to the world. All that may be left is a final review for typographical errors, grammar issues, or mistakes in punctuation or formatting. Lisa refers to this as ‘red pencil’ editing.  ‘Red Pencil’ editing is similar to the heavily annotated work that was returned in high school English classes.

A full edit is typically done for fiction and memoirs. This type of edit involves all of the above, plus more.  Character development, story arc, plot development, plot points, the story question, theme, and premise are just an example. This type of edit is done when a story is complete and the writer has revised to the best of his or her ability.

Because Lisa feels editing is a partnership, she wants the writer to be comfortable with her work. To make sure the writer/editor relationship will be successful, she offers a free sample edit. The writer may submit the first ten pages of their work and Lisa will return it with editorial markups. If Lisa feels she can work with the writer, and the writer likes her style of editing, she will provide a contract that will provide confidentiality and security of the author’s work.


  • Work over 1,000 words  is $10.00 per 1,000 words.
  • Under 1,000 words the fee is $15.00 per page
  • This price is negotiable depending on the work. For example, a children’s story that only has a few sentences per page will not be charged the full $15 per page fee.


  • Materials may be submitted online as an attachment to an email, or by hard copy through snail mail.
  • Do not send the original.
  • Please do not submit materials prior to the completion of a sample edit and approval of the contract.
  • Refer to the Contact page and please put ‘edit’ in the subject line.


Editing Services

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