‘This Deep Panic’ Book Trailer

Cinematographer Sam Nuttman has created an amazing book trailer for This Deep Panic. What an experience, working with such a talented person. Take a look at all the movies he’s worked on, and videos he’s created, at http://samvisuals.com

For this book trailer, we filmed in the tiny town of Index, Washington, where major portions of the book are set, and took advantage of the beautiful scenery. We filmed mountains, the river, and the woods, all in the typical Pacific Northwest rain. Sam took his time, with shot after shot, to get this final video. Only one person was a professional actor (Jim Burgess as the windigo myth) and all the rest were locals who gleefully donated their time in the pouring rain to not only act, but also to help with finding bones and fake body parts and liberally spreading fake blood.

We had two absolutely fun days making something scary. Please feel free to watch the book trailer at the link below, and I hope you enjoy it.

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