Sunshine On My Shoulders Cover Design

Sunshine On My Shoulders is the title for book four in my mystery series and the cover design is in process. The manuscript is currently in the revision process but the cover art is shaping up nicely. This cover design is by Monika Younger and I’m so thrilled with her design process that I’ve asked her to look at redoing all the covers. For now, here’s the initial concept.

The revision process makes me appreciate the talent of my editor. Chapter three ended up a complete rewrite. While I was creating my editorial map (based on Janice Hardy’s wonderful book Revising Your Novel) I knew chapter three was in trouble. But I was in a hurry to get it off to the editor so I skimmed over the chapter hoping the editor wouldn’t notice. Obviously she called me out on that! The problem was no discernible goal, bogged down pacing, and zilch in the tension department. So, back to the pages for that total overhaul and I’m much happier with it now.

Hopefully the remaining edit will be easier.

Book four’s working cover concept

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