Lisa Stowe is an author with four published books in the Wallace, Idaho Mystery series.

Lisa was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and her father was raised in Wallace, Idaho. His stories wove a strong pattern in the thread of her life; especially the unanswered questions about both his, and Wallace’s, past. That past heavily influences the present and she found the books in this mystery series the best way to answer the question all writers ask: what if…

Lisa’s upbringing and deep connection to the landscape of the Pacific Northwest are reflected in these stories where that landscape becomes a character in its own right.

Wallace, Idaho has a turbulent history: mining, bordellos, one of the largest wildfires on record, and generations upon generations of families with pasts that tie to the present. It’s also a place of tall tamaracks, cemeteries that climb canyons, mountains, and surrounding forests that seem to stretch, untouched, forever.

All of these things heavily influence this mystery series.

Ghost Roads – a prequel to The Memory Keeper








The Memory Keeper – Book one in the series



Sparrow’s Silence – Book two in the series



Sunshine On My Shoulders – Book three in the series